Melis S

90459 Nürnberg

Über mich

Hey everyone!

I am Melis, 25 years old from Turkey and have been living in Germany for over 2 years now.

I work at adidas and have been living in Nürnberg for a year. Unfortunately, I had to leave my dog, Jordan -who I have it for 4 years-, back in Turkey with my parents when I moved to Germany for my masters, and I haven´t been able to bring him yet.
But, I adore dogs and love spending time with them so until I get Jordan here in Germany, I thought dog walking could be a nice way for me to spend some time with dogs and also would be helpful for those dog parents who needs to leave their dogs at home due their daily life responsibilities.

I have always been around dogs so I get along very well with any kind.I would be incredibly happy if you d like to pick me to take your dog for a walk or to spend some time playing.

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Melis S

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